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The family side

Built in the 18th century in the heart of the village of La Clusaz, on the Place de l’Église by the Gallay family, it was home to the Narcisse family and their children Eugène, Albert and Yvonne at the beginning of the 20th century. A baker, he passed on his passion for good food to his children through his bakery, grocery shop and restaurant: “Le passage du Mont Blanc”. Living on the first floor of the house, they witnessed the arrival of the first tourists and their enthusiasm for the joys of skiing towards the Col des Aravis and its famous panoramic view of Mont Blanc.

In 1949, it was his son-in-law, Marius Pollet, straight from the confines of the farm, who, by marrying Yvonne, bought the house at public auction in order to perpetuate the history of his nearest and dearest.  Trained as a butcher, he created his own butcher’s shop next to his wife’s restaurant, which became “La Brasserie Centrale”.

Both involved in the tourist life, they participated in the construction of the life of their village, which gradually became a ski resort. Their two children Roland and Bernard soon joined them and took over the running of the butcher’s shop and the Brasserie.

The family grew in the big house. Bernard, married to Béatrice who also lived at his place of work, took over the management of La Brasserie Centrale, whose activity was more and more punctuated by the tourist seasons. After 50 years of good and loyal service, the small butcher’s shop disappeared to make room for the brasserie. During this time, La Clusaz, which had all the makings of a large resort, beat its first attendance records.

At the end of the 70’s, the small descendants made their appearance. Stéphanie and Jean Marie like to say that they were brought up on the Place de l’Église in contact with the customers. It is in their DNA that Jean Marie Pollet naturally took up the torch of his ancestors, while Stéphanie was destined to promote the Aravis massif internationally.

But the house concealed a treasure. A barn at the top of the building of more than 280m2 slumbered through time in the heart of the village.

And in 2021, two spacious and luxurious flats were created for seasonal rental under the direction of Stéphanie, the 4th generation.

More than a family story, a village story, a mountain story.

La Brasserie Centrale